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EMC Standards and Guidelines

We help you to structure and overview the world of requirements

Due to the company's history and the associated constant expansion of the scope, MeßTechnikNord GmbH can serve a very broad spectrum of industries with services in the field of EMC tests. This creates synergy effects, as many requirements of the norms and standards overlap. This ensures continuous utilization of all test equipment as well as efficient and economical use of our resources.

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Commercial, Industrial

We typically call this field EN tests, as they are necessary tests for products in the European Economic Area (EEA). The standards in the EEA are usually formulated very well in detail and are continuously developed. A list of all harmonized standards is published regularly by the EU.

  • DIN EN 61000-6-x, 61000-4-x, 61000-3-x
  • DIN EN 55014, 61326, 55032, 55024


Standardization in the medical sector was fundamentally changed in the course of a major amendment in 2016. Since then, the classic functional evaluation of a product has turned into a pure risk assessment.

  • DIN EN 60601-1-2
  • DIN EN 61326-2-6


Due to our location and our worldwide network in the aviation industry, which has been expanded over the years, we are very closely linked to developments in this area. Due to the continuous exchange of very detailed information regarding the execution of the test, we can ideally help our customers with the creation of the QTPs.

  • RTCA-DO160
  • Boeing
  • Airbus ABD


The field of ​​space applications is also very useful to us due to the similarity of the requirements with the military and aviation-specific requirements. Above all, the very individual and special challenges related to the sometimes unconventional measurement tasks are always very welcome for us. The close exchange with our customers in this area fits perfectly into our company philosophy.

  • ECSS
  • Galileo
  • MIL-STD461/462


After our designation as technical service at KBA (Kraftfahrtbundesamt), this is a steadily growing field at MTN. Our good contacts with the automobile manufacturers and their suppliers are consolidated with every project. Our options for perfectly implementing all tests, especially in the area of ​​high-voltage components, are continuously being improved.

  • UNECE R10
  • DIN EN 55012, 55025
  • VW TL, BMW GS, Daimler MBN, Volvo STD
  • ISO 7673, 13766, 10605, 11451, 11452


Due to our location and the company's history, we have had and still have a very close relationship with the shipyards and suppliers to the shipbuilding industry. Our many years of know-how in the field of ​​EMC is valued by our customers.

  • DNVGL, Lloyd’s Register
  • IACS UR E10
  • DIN EN 60945


For measurements on new rail vehicles, MeßTechnikNord GmbH looks back on a great number of deployments worldwide. The testing of components from rail technology was always a major part for us.

  • DIN EN 50121
  • EMV06


Even before MTN was outsourced as an independent company, the own military products were always tested in the internal EMC laboratory. Since then, the specific expertise has grown steadily and the area is still characterized by close and long-term customer contacts.

  • MIL-STD461/462
  • VG95373 und 95370
  • AECTP500
  • Stanag


The area of ​​exposition protection is becoming more and more important, the requirements and measurement methods get more and more demanding. Thanks to constant investments in suitable measuring equipment, MTN can now efficiently and precisely implement the requirements for on-site measurements.

  • DGUV
  • BImSchV

Shielding Effectiveness

The field of ​​shielding attenuation is very diverse and individual. A very close exchange with the customer is necessary for every project. We are happy to work out (or jointly) the appropriate measuring methods and constructive modifications in order to comply with the specifications. Due to the many years of experience with the most varied of requirements in projects in our own development department for screen windows, which has now been outsourced, we can certainly support our customers well.

  • MIL-STD285
  • IEEE299

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