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EMC Laboratory Equipment

Contact Person

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Dennis Moschik
Phone: +49 4103 18886 44
E-Mail: dennis.moschik@messtechniknord.de

Semi-Anechoic Chambers

The equipment in our absorber halls is equipped for all requirements:

  • Auxiliary shielded chamber for the periphery
  • Emission measurements at a distance of 5 m, 3 m or 1 m from the antenna
  • Turntable with a diameter of up to 2.5 m and a load capacity of 2 t
  • large entrance gates at ground level, max. 3 x 3 m opening
  • Water and compressed air connections, exhaust gas extraction systems
  • Tilting antenna masts, height 1 - 4 m
  • Power supply up to 500 VDC / 440 VAC / 300 A filtered
  • HV power supply
  • Numerous filtered power supply connections for external special voltages in order to supply the test items with several connections filtered at the same time

Power Supply

We provide numerous EMC-compliant power supplies up to 1000 VDC / 720 VAC and 300 A for testing. Higher voltages or currents are also possible on request.

Parallel Stripline / NEMP

Striplines for emission measurements, HF and NEMP immunity tests with a maximum homogeneous test volume of 2 x 2 x 1 m are available.

ESD Test-Benches

Our full compliant ESD test-bench are suitable for floor-standing devices as well as for large table-top devices or entire systems, as we have several test tables (1.6 mx 0.8 m) available for assembly. ESD discharges up to 30 kV with all necessary coupling networks are available.

Unshielded Test-Benches

Some EMC or electrical tests must be carried out under certain environmental conditions. Several climatic chambers are available for these combined tests.

Rooms for Meetings and Seminars

We have extensively equipped meeting rooms for seminars, meetings and consultations, both for small and large groups of participants. Even if your customers witness the tests, you want to have a conference call or other work with us during the qualification tests, you can ideally use the rooms for various applications. Of course, you have free WiFi and printer access available for this.

Soldering and Workbenches

Whether for fine soldering work for prototyping, a missing cable, adapter, modification of the serial device or other manual work. With us you have the necessary equipment, tools and work-benches always locally nearby of the ongoing test. Short distances and quick modifications are an important aspect for us.

Efficient Laboratory Facility

Our open shelves, adapter assortments and measuring cables located at every test-bench, multiple essential equipment, several large screens, high-performance IT equipment, short distances, charge management of the accumulators, software-supported automated test sequences, very flexible feed-throughs and connections, all of these are best-practice solutions that in all the years of experience have grown and take maximum advantage of your booked test time.

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