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Q : When an EMC test is necessary?

An EMC test is always necessary if a theoretical analysis or simulation is not sufficient for a conformity assessment of the possible results. An EMC test could be omitted, for example, if an EMC device consists of purely passive components. In this case it can be assumed that this device does not cause any emissions and is considered to be sufficiently immune to interference.

Q : What does an EMC test cost?

The costs for an EMC test are different for each device. They consist of the actual test duration, the setup time and the duration for the creation of the test report. The most important components for calculating the costs are as follows:

  • Preparation (test setup, commissioning, meetings)
  • DUT monitoring (operation, function checks, acceptance / witnessing)
  • Test effort (which standard / guideline, which test method)
  • Documentation (presentation of results and test report)

Furthermore, when operating an accredited laboratory, there are general, not inconsiderable costs for regular auditing and maintenance of the QM system and for the calibration of the measuring equipment. Furthermore, high investment costs are regularly incurred in order to constantly adapt the measuring equipment and rooms to the status of the current standards and guidelines.

Q : Which EMC tests are required?

Which EMC test required for your product depends on many factors and unfortunately cannot be answered quickly and easily. There is also no standard that can be used for testing in order to subsequently obtain approval for every purpose and location. This can also be justified logically and physically:

The EMC phenomena to be expected are very closely related to the location. For example, a classic kitchen appliance must comply with different EMC interference levels and emission limit values than the central computer of the satellite, which is currently circling the earth.

The intended use is also decisive: the medical device that the brain surgeon needs for an operating theater is logically subject to different requirements than the candy vending machine in the hospital.

Q : Is an EMC test possible on site?

Some systems cannot be tested under laboratory conditions. For this purpose, an EMC test can be carried out on site. However, not all test methods can be used without restrictions on site. In some standards and guidelines, test procedures are explicitly defined before they are carried out by the manufacturer or at the final installation site. For other more specific requirements, for example, the test plan defines beforehand how the structure and the test are to be carried out, taking into account the conditions on site.

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